Hello, I'm Niral

Welcome to a small slice of my world, dedicated to all the little things that peak my interest
Android is an amazing and constantly changing ecosystem, the most exciting aspect being the way it integrates into everyday life. As an avid enthusiast, there is always so much to learn but never enough hours in the day.
Web has transformed over the years to be a critical component in today’s world. Server setup, Frontend and Backend are skills that come naturally as well as integration with different APIs to create a truly unique and fantastic website.
The term Linux is like a wildcard, you never know which distribution someone is using unless they tell you. The unbelievable community and deep customisation is something that will grab ahold of you. Get my favourite distribution from here: Fedora.
Creativity is a major passion of mine, from developing an eye pleasing User Experience to designing icons no job is too small or too big. A major inspiration to conscious design is the Material Design spec found here: Material Design.
Taking full advantage of the web; it’s important to help others understand new and emerging technologies, what they can do with it and provide great examples to implement them. Much easier than scouring through hundreds of webpages!
A gamer by heart, the creation of games has always been intriguing as games help to refine problem solving skills and improve cognitive abilities. Let's play together sometime, I'm a mid-core gamer and you'll usually find me playing Rocket League.

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